Writer's Block: Breaking the bad
Hero to the front line
What’s a bad habit that you really need to quit?

Probably procrastinating and hiding my feelings.

Someday people will learn.
Hero to the front line
Until then however...
People will still seek to bring about justice by constantly prattling on about something that was dead and gone...
They'll constantly think they're to do no wrong in the actions they take and that they were wronged in events that weren't more than a stone on the road.
If they never learn, they'll constantly scream and beg for attention by leaving little comments everywhere...
To what purpose though?
Do they think anyone cares or that it will change anything?
I guess learning is hard when it's worked your entire life...

I have learned something though...

Befriending someone is putting a bullet in the gun, trusting them as just like handing that same gun over and letting them cock it...

I was fortunate to have dodged this bullet since I saw it coming.

Thank you for testing my reflexes though.

It's been fun.

Not me.

On a much happier note...
Hero to the front line
I'm getting married this weekend! Our first kiss a year ago today pretty much... so yeah.


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